Visiting You-Pick-It Operations

— Written By Amy Ballard

Davidson County is operating under Governor Cooper’s executive order to “stay-at-home” unless you are visiting essential businesses, such as grocery stores and pharmacies. Luckily for agriculture, food is essential. This means that all of Davidson Counties’ you-pick-it berry operations are open for business. Some with modifications, which are readily available on their specific web-pages.

The primary concern while on the farm is to remember to protect yourself by practicing social distancing. This is defined as not interacting with anyone outside your household, and limiting trips to places where you might interact with other people. If you do venture out to the farm, please remember to stand at least 6 ft away from other people. It is also recommended to wear a mask protecting your face and gloves if possible.

Although we do need to remain vigilant when venturing outside, the public should not be concerned about food transmitting the COVID-19 virus. Ben Chapman of NC State University stated, “I don’t have any hesitation in consuming berries at all, from a COVID-19 standpoint,” says Chapman. “Right now, we don’t have any information, any evidence, any indication that food or food packaging is the source of transmission for getting sick and getting COVID-19.”

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