COVID-19 FAQ for U-Pick Farms & Other Gardening Business

— Written By Amy Ballard

Strawberry season is upon us, coupled with the spread of COVID-19. In the next couple of weeks, we will begin to see our local strawberry growers start alerting the public that there are berries ready to be picked. As we continue to encourage people to remain safe through lessening personal exposure to COVID-19 and practicing safety measures such as social distancing and washing your hands frequently, we realize this is a difficult time to balance safety precautions with supporting your community.

However, most of your local farmers already practice many of the food safety guidelines that are in place. Thankfully, COVID-19 is not a foodborne pathogen and therefore it is not as easily transmissible through food consumption.

Meanwhile, if you do decide to venture out many of our landscaping and plant nurseries are located outdoors, thus a slightly safer option for shopping.

For more information click: COVID-19 Resources